sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2008

Jesus me disse...

Maria Angela de Jesus me mandou esta mensagem hoje.

Minha amiga geminiana: você não precisa de um oceano para surfar!!

GEMINI [May 21-June 20]As I approached a pick-up truck from behind while out driving my car, I saw an unlikely bumper sticker. It said "Surf Colorado." But Colorado is a landlocked place, I thought to myself, more than a thousand miles from the ocean. At the next red light, I got closer to the truck and was able to read the fine print: "In your river kayak, you don't need an ocean to catch a wave." What a perfect message to convey to my Gemini readers, I mused, and resolved to write it into this horoscope. In fact, you are currently in a phase when you don't need an ocean to surf. Nor, for that matter, do you need a plane in order to fly, a soulmate to achieve romantic rapture, or money to be rich. Your imaginative powers are peaking at the same time as your resourcefulness.

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Vilmar disse...

Que verdade mais verdadeira.
Basta uma poça e você tá lá... surfando!!